Review for A New Day
By Lynne Heffley (former staff writer for the Los Angeles Times)
Folksinger-songwriter-guitarest Linda Yapp offers listeners a peaceful world of commonality and gentle fun with her small, quiet vocals, dreaming melodies, and a cadre of fine musicians and singers.

Review comments from NAPPA Award’s Music Judge
“A whole lot of littles make a lot,” sings Linda Yapp on this album’s leadoff track. While in the song, she is referring to how little acts of kindness can do a lot of good in helping other people and the environment. It is a universally positive message that she touches upon throughout this album’s 11 tunes; however, it also reflects her music here. There is a gentle, low-key quality to music, singing, and lyrics, but the skillful way Yapp has crafted and delivered her folksy songs draws your attention. She also smartly presents her messages in a child-scaled way. How can you deal with all the pollution on a beach? Just pick up “three little things.” What happens when you grow up? Simply “be a kid” and have fun but “remember to always forgive” too. On “Thank You Rosa,” Yapp wonderfully weaves together the inspiring stories of Rosa Parks, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., and Cesar Chavez in a subdued but stirring English ballad-style tune. Yapp, with the assistance of Grammy-winning musicians Nancy Rumbel and Charles Michael Brotman, has created a lovely album filled with quietly inspiring music with The World Is Waiting For You.